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What to expect

If you are using a funeral director then you can pass on my details and they will make contact with me to discuss the date, time and location of the service. If you are not using a funeral director, I can be contacted using the contact form.

Our first meeting

Once contacted by you or the funeral director, I will then call to arrange a time for us to meet and discuss the service. This usually takes place at your home or garden, but an alternative venue can be arranged if you would feel more comfortable. We will then talk about the person who has died; memories, funny moments, hobbies, family and friends. This typically takes 1-2 hours, allowing me to build up a picture of their life as they lived it, and to make sure that this is reflected in the service. I understand that this can be a very emotional experience and we can take all the time that you need.

Our meeting will also be an opportunity for us to talk through the ceremony from timings to number of mourners. We will discuss choices of music, readings and details of those who may wish to speak at the service; this should be something that you have considered before we meet. If you wish to include some religious content such as hymns or prayers this is absolutely fine.

Before the ceremony

Following our meeting, I will write the service and provide a copy of the eulogy for you to check. I will need copies in advance of any contributions that will be made by friends and family so I can ensure that the timings of the service are accurate.

The funeral


On the day of the funeral, I will meet you at the crematorium or burial site and lead the ceremony as planned.

After the funeral


You will receive a copy of the full service through the post, if you require additional copies this can be arranged.

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